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Come 9th July, EL celebrates her 49th Anniversary!


Every year we remember God’s love and grace that led Pastor John Lee to start the church in a tiny apartment in Tiong Bahru. Those were tough but rewarding times.  Some of the early members are still with us. If you have joined the church in the late 60’s to 70’s, you are the “fathers & mothers” of this church.  You are models of faithfulness, sacrifice, commitment, godly living and exemplary service.  May you continue to be a strong influence in EL!


To the younger and newer members, anniversaries help us remember and be grateful for what God has done in the past.  We should experience God in similar and more powerful ways! There is an old saying, “God has no grandchildren.” God relates to us personally, as His son or daughter. We can discover His plan for ourselves and the church, forging the future of EL as we press on to fulfill God’s vision and mission.


Rev Winnie Wong, EL’s first Associate Pastor, is the speaker for the service. She is a true representative of the pioneer generation in our church! Enduring much opposition & hardship, she has served God faithfully for over 45 years. 


At the same time, two of EL’s younger pastors, Ps Daphne June Lau and Ps Anthony Chua, will be ordained by the Assemblies of God Singapore.  They represent the new generation who minister and lead EL into the future.


What a joy to have the pioneer & third-generation pastors in ONE CELEBRATION! Let’s recall God’s goodness & look forward to His plans.


 -  Bob Lum




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