Word Of The Month

For GOD so LOVED the WORLD that HE GAVE His ONE and ONLY SON, that WHOEVER  BELIEVES in Him shall not perish but have ETERNAL LIFE. - John 3:16


We can never get tired of talking about God’s love. This all-time favorite Bible verse conveys the Gospel in a nutshell.


GOD, the Creator of the  Universe and the Giver of Life knows us while we are being conceived in our mother’s womb. He loves us so much that He gives His only Son to us.  He is not the powerful, fearsome god that many people perceive god to be.  He is the loving creator who cares for us.


THE WORLD includes every person - the rich, the poor, the good, the bad, the old - of every language, race and nationality. God loves everybody, even those who are godless and those who are evil. None is outside His love.


JESUS, God’s only Son, came & lived among ordinary people. He taught the people about God. He did miracles, He accepted the sinners. His grand mission: He died on the cross, the righteous God for the sins of mankind.


ETERNAL LIFE is promised to any person who believes in Jesus. It’s that simple!  We don’t have to carry our sins & guilt and be condemned to hell. We can be forgiven!


Let’s share the message of Good Friay & Easter!



- Bob Lum



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