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恭喜!恭喜! 新年快乐,万事如意!


Happy Chinese New Year!  Wishing you & your family God’s abundant blessings of love, peace and joy!


As part of CNY tradition, we will visit family, relatives & friends. We greet one another with well-wishes and words of blessings. We avoid negative terms because we believe that our words have power.  The Bible agrees! Proverbs 18:21 says, “Death and life are in the  power of the tongue.”


“Words kill, words give life.” - Message Bible


The blessings that we speak to others will, firstly, impact the recipients. The blessings are also more than a wish - they are our prayer to God to bless them. For example, when we wish an old person, 身体健康 (good health), we pray that he will enjoy physical health. The common phrase, 恭禧發財 (prosperity), shows the desire for riches. It is important for us to think of appropriate words of blessings before we go for New Year visitation. Your greetings reflect the thought of your heart and your prayers for the person.


I like to encourage you to speak well-wishes & words of blessings whenever you meet people. The Bible teaches us to bless, not to curse (Romans 12:14). Let us use words to build one another.


Start with the people close to you - your family, colleagues, classmates, friends & neighbors. Pray for the pastors, leaders & group members. Pray also for the church. Speak words of blessings over Eternal Life Assembly. Your words have power to heal and to build!  


Finally, speak blessings over yourself.  What do you wish for? What are your desires for yourself? Take time to pray about them to the heavenly Father. 





- Bob Lum


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